My mama once said, life is like a box of chocolates. You know what you're going to get, be disappointed, and eat them all anyway.


Crystal of the Day: Moonstone

Source: India and Australia

Appearance: Milky, translucent

Properties: Moonstone is often called the “stone of new beginnings,” connected to the moon and intuition. It soothes and calms emotional liability and overreactions. It is a feminine stone associated with psychic abilities and cleansing. Moonstone has a powerful effect upon the female reproductive cycle and also aids in eliminating toxins.

Position: Wear on the finger or place on the appropriate body part.


shes so hot 


Me at school. 


Purr = happy cat noise

Gato = Spanish for cat

Purgatory = infinite realm of happy Spanish cats


"Ima need ur license and registration……and ur kik"

I’m so young, and I’m single, and I just want to drift. I’m just going to be a drifter, I want to do something totally different before Insurgent. Maybe I’ll work in a tea shop. Or live in Amsterdam. Or be a nanny. Life experience only helps us as actors. I need new experiences to draw upon.




my worst fear is looking bad in a photo with a celebrity